Tuesday, 14 June 2011

what am I ?

at the beginning of a day i started looking upon the things i need to do and i gradually was trying to make up my mind how am i going to accomplish my today's to do list. always to start we think of priorities and how much others depend on us for such tasks. slowly diversion goes to what's not very important and the things already have been sorted out. let me think again do i think more of others or of me. let's leave this and start doing all wot i've thought. my chores always remind me of my duty towards others and what about my own stuff.

for long time i'm doing all this, the to do list remains as where it stands long time ago, but added things have come up with still a long way to go. Doing few things as a routine and doing few things as essential. i'm observing too. how people are good about taking these todo matters. few are just perfect and they also boast of their achievements. few are mediocres yet they are telling me often how good they are. i felt like foolish i'm not a bad learner, do i really need to learn always first. Am i not good enough, of course, I am.

anyways, i've also much to tell which i'm good at, but they already know that.. nothing new i've contributed so the things i've left only tells me that i'had no time for it.

there was no wrong perception in my mind about where the list will end, but someday it will. my dreams and my ideas remind me to get new things added , and it keeps adding, but these 'vanish' ultimately giving space to other more important things of course, to be done for others. now do i take up this to do i used to when as a child i used to live for myself. my to do list were existent then , there'were never a reminder or set deadlines for that. life was long then and had no pressure on my mind to do. a child always want what they want and they have it , as simple as that. they have no pain about not to do and could not do. so i'm to feel like that. a child five or seven must be very happy about builiding a not so good drawing or a writing. must be content with myself and my achievements hmn. i feel so.